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SKU: 0001

Ideal for smaller dive operations, ships and boats with limited space.

7.1 cfm 5000 psi compressor on an aluminum frame. Suitable for continous operation. 

220 volt 60 Hz Single phase motor, but 3 phase and or 50 Hz motor is available

Comes with 1 yoke style fill hose. Other connections are available


  • Product Info

    Upgrades available

    $570.00                     Additional fill hose

    $565.00                     Auto Stop

    $1990.00                  Auto Condensate Drain

    $760.00                     Oil Pump

    $220.00                     Oil Pressure Gauge

    $470.00                     Interstage Gauges

    $590.00                    Wheel Set

    $1040.00                  Soft Start

  • Return & Refund Policy

    This is a new item, all warranties are supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Shipping Info

    Payment in full required before shipment. This item will be shipped by truck to your location or freight forwarder. 

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