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LW 100 E


The LW 100 E is a lightweight and portable high-pressure air compressor capable of delivering breathing quality air for SCUBA, Firefighting, Paintball, and industrial air applications. Manufactured in Germany by Lenhardt & Wagner, it has been engineered to the industry’s highest quality standards and meets or exceeds Grade E and EN 12021 breathing air standards.

The LW 100 compressor block is the only compressor on the market with the crankcase and cylinders cast in one piece. This eliminates the possibility of leaks between seals, keeps a high degree of precision between moving parts, and offers more efficient heat dissipation. It also is the only compressor in its class to offer dual function intake and discharge valves in each stage to reduce maintenance, steel piston rings designed to outlast and outperform competitor’s PTFE piston rings, and an outstanding 7+ hour run time without having to shut the machine down.

Compressor Specifications:

-Capacity: 100l/min or 3.5cfm free air delivery
-Working Pressure: 220bar/3200 PSI working pressure
-RPM: 2300
-Media: Air, Nitrox (up to 40%)
-Compressor Design: 3 stage/cylinder air-cooled piston compressor
-Power Supply: 3 HP electric motor
-Lubrication: Splash oil / LW Full Synthetic Compressor Oil
-Oil Capacity: 0.5 liter
-Operating Temperature: 45F – 110F
-Dimensions: 670 x 400 x 400mm / 26” x 16” x 17” in
-Weight: 43kg / 95lbs
-Noise Level: 82 dBA Feature advantages
-Single fill whip with DIN/Yoke valve, manual condensate drain, manual stop at final filling pressure
-Stainless steel frame
-Carry handles
-Non-Corrosive Steel Piston Rings
-Cylinders and Crankcase cast in one piece
-7+ hour run time
-Single Fill hose w/ DIN 200 and Yoke fill valve w/ pressure gauge
-Water separators after the 2nd and 3rd stage
-Painted Compressor Block
-Safety Valves after each stage

Retail Price $6500

Note: All prices are Manufacturer's retail price. If you are a dive business or industry professional please email me for a significant courtesy discount.

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