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Bob Ledbetter has been selling diving equipment to dive businesses since 1977. He specializes in brokering breathing air compressors and components for and to the diving industry. Bob has found a niche were he can make additional income by exploiting 50 years of contacts in the dive industry and an extensive e-mail list that reaches almost all of the dive operators in USA, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and South America. Bob retired as a sales representative in September of 2019 to devote all of his time to boat and breathing air compressor brokerage. 


Bob established his Rep Agency in 1977. He had reps calling on diving businesses from Argentina to Alaska. These reps helped him build and keep a very accurate mailing list of prospective buyers and sellers of high pressure breathing air systems and dive boats. 


Each month he sends out several promotional e-mails to over 2600 dive businesses across the Western Hemisphere. Over the past few years he has sold over 52 dive boats and well over 100 compressors.

Let me help you

Bob Ledbetter


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