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My Services

I broker compressors, air systems and select dive store assets on a commission basis. If you have specific needs and are unable to find what you are looking for here, please send us an email and explain what you want. I may be able to find what you are looking for from our ever-expanding network of suppliers.

If you have a breathing air compressor, air storage or distribution components you want to sell, send me information. I may be able to help you sell it.

I charge a commission of 15% of the actual selling price at the time of sale. You owe me nothing until the goods are sold.

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Bob is always a fountain of knowledge for me. He has brokered both my purchase of the shop and my new

Grizzly compressor. I could not be happier with both and the service Bob and his team provided.

Paul S, Lake Mary FL

would like to thank Bob Ledbetter for his assistance in my selling of storage bottles and a control panel. His network of connections made this transaction happen quickly and smoothly.

His years of experience in the Scuba industry also helped price the equipment at a fair market price. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

Brent Argabright, Ft Myers

We purchased a compressor and fill station with storage tanks from the US for a remote location in the Bahamas, it was imperative for us to get good working equipment due to the remoteness. We are a very high profile resort with little resources around us so we require the best equipment and service, we got it!

Bob has been one of the best contacts I have made in the industry. His support, knowledge and hard work have helped us so much. He is more than a broker and goes to many lengths to make sure equipment going through his brokerage is of good quality, any questions are answered with the owner, always great communications and never failed to make sure that any uncertainties are thought through.

Davide Perestrelo 

Dive Shop Manager/Instructor

Caerula Mar Club


“Bob provided professional, friendly and personalized service and a huge network of customers. He handled all the arrangements, and the price for his services was extremely fair. I’d recommend him highly to anyone needing to sell their compressor or a boat.”


New York

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